Makeup Brush Flat Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Flat Contour Brush


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Enhanced Precision: This Make up Brush has an ergonomic handle design that allows you to better control the amount of powder and apply it evenly on your face. The brush is easy to clean and store, and has a comfortable grip that makes your makeup experience more enjoyable.
Distinct Design: Achieve the most intricate facial details with the ultra-thin brush head of our Liquid Foundation Brush. Work with precision as thin as 0.1cm and enjoy perfect, even and traceless application on your skin.
Broadly Used: This foundation brush has a soft and dense bristle that can blend liquid foundation with strong fluidity, concealer, contouring, and highlighting products evenly and smoothly, giving you a perfect and natural makeup look.
Exceptional Performance: Our Makeup Brush boasts a reliable build, safe and odorless fine bristles, high-quality fiber brush that is designed for a smooth and perfect application. The wear-resistant and non-deforming brush ensures long-lasting use.
Efficient Powder Control: Our Liquid Foundation Brush perfectly applies your favorite cosmetics with minimal powder consumption, zero brush marks and guaranteed no powder absorbtion. Its strong powder-grabbing ability and easy to push away feature will leave your skin looking and feeling perfect.


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